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I want to take a break from our usual topic this evening to talk about my family’s hardwood flooring business.  We could use some help so we’d like to educate our readers on the industry.

There are different aspects that one should take care of when he is considering renovating his home. If he wants to give his home a better look then he should consider redoing the floors. The floors of a home greatly impact the overall look and ambience of the place. There are different flooring options that one should try. Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options in Plano, Texas. There are many homeowners in Texas that get wooden flooring for their home as it gives an amazing look to their homes.

There are many people that think wooden flooring is old fashioned; however, the reality is that the wooden floors are very modern. When a person is considering getting hardwood flooring he should be extremely careful about his decision. Wooden flooring requires extreme care and maintenance to ensure that it lasts for a long time to come. There are many companies that give flooring services for hardwood floor, Plano, Texas that can be hired but it is important to hire a reliable company.

Before one gets wooden flooring for his home, it is important to know about the popular options. Basically, the wooden flooring comes in three different types. They are as discussed below:

  1. Solid Wooden Flooring

The first option is the solid wooden floors that a homeowner may choose to get for his home. It is further categorized into three different types – wooden planks, wooden strips and parquet. All three types of solid wood floors are either pre-finished or unfinished to suit the demands of different customers. When a homeowner gets pre-finished wooden flooring then he will get the work done easily. However, if he opts for the unfinished one then he will have to do a lot of hard work like sanding, staining and sealing the wooden pieces. The positive thing about unfinished wooden flooring is that the homeowner can get the exact color he wants for his floor.

The different types of solid wooden flooring are as following:

  1. Wooden Planks – The first type of solid wooden floor is wooden planks. There planks come in different widths starting from three inches to eight inches. When it comes to the thickness of the planks, there are only two options – half inch and three-quarters of an inch.
  2. Wooden Strips – The second type of solid wooden flooring option is wooden strips. The wooden strips are not very wide as they are made into narrow strips. Their widths are one and a half inch, two inch and two and a quarter inch. The thickness of the wooden strip varies between five-sixteenth and three-quarter of an inch.
  3. Parquet – The third type of solid wooden floors is parquet flooring which is quite different than the first two types. The parquet wooden slats do not resemble the planks or the strips but the pieces are placed in such a way that they create geometrical patterns. The overall look of parquet wooden flooring looks very appealing to the eyes and gives an amazing look to the interiors of the room. It is important to hire a professional hardwood floor, Plano, Texas company that will complete the work in a perfect way.
  4. Engineered Wooden Flooring

The second option is engineered wooden flooring which is made from engineered wood. There are some people that consider engineered wood to be the same as laminates; however, the truth is different. The engineered wood is made by layers of real wood that have been adhered together with a laminate veneer. The wooden laminates do not contain real wood while engineered wooden floors contain real wood, so they are long lasting and durable. They come in a wide variety of colors that one can choose to use in his home.

  1. Acrylic-Impregnated Wooden Flooring

The third option is acrylic-impregnated wooden floors that have sealant and color infused through the wooden planks. This flooring option is commonly used in commercial projects but there are some homeowners that use it in their homes. It is highly resistant and tough. It also does not attract moisture, so it is great for homes where there are little kids and pets.

There are many companies for hardwood floor, Plano, Texas that one may consider hiring for his home flooring but it is important to hire a reliable company. An experienced professional flooring contractor will offer quality services and ensure that the floors are completely durable and appealing.

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